We are the First Religious Society, a Unitarian Universalist congregation in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  We're glad you're here. We aspire to be a welcoming and inclusive community that encourages spiritual growth as we strive for truth and meaning and serve the social and spiritual needs of our larger community.

Steeple Restoration Project

The Steeple Restoration Project continues, as structural issues are discovered and repaired. Here is the background of the project. 

Track the story from the simple repair project to major restoration undertaking, beginning in August 2014. Newspaper coverage by FRS member John Harwood includes all the pertinent information on the technical and architectural aspects, as well as the support and funding from the membership and our community.

Ministerial Search Update #1

April 27, 2015

Dear FRS Members and Friends,

As you are aware, The First Religious Society will begin a ministerial transition process starting in the fall of this year. Since learning that Harold will be leaving the pulpit at the end of the next church year, your Parish Board has been reviewing the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)’s transition process. We’re happy to report that the process is robust and orderly. Our congregation will live this process over the next three church years, resulting in the calling of a new settled minister to join us as the 2018-19 church year opens.

New Choir Members Welcome

Join the Choir!
Do you enjoy singing? Come and join the First Religious Society Choir as we begin a new season of music. We sing music in a variety of styles, and we include pieces from various faith traditions. We rehearse on Thursday nights, 7:30-9:00, and again on Sunday mornings, 9:00-10:00.

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