Act against gun violence

The MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence is asking GVP advocates to take the following two actions in support of H.3081 (Extreme Risk Protective Order), life-saving legislation for the temporary removal guns from people who pose an extreme threat to themselves or others. Please help us move this bill through the legislative process by taking the following actions:
1. Call your State Representative to urge them to support H3081. (You will almost certainly be speaking with an aide). A suggested script for those calls follows:

"I am calling as your constituent to ask you to support H3081, the Extreme Risk Protective Order Bill, filed by State Representative David Linsky.  This important bill would give loved ones, law enforcement and health care providers the ability to have guns removed from the home of someone at extreme risk of harming themselves or others. Can I count on you to support this legislation when it reaches the floor of the House? (record answer for report-back).  (If yes, then ask:)  Will you contact Speaker DeLeo and Rep. Claire Cronin, House Chair of the Judiciary Committee, to urge them to get this bill out of Committee and on the House floor? (record answer for report-back)."

And please report back on what you hear!

2. Join us for an advocacy day at the State House Grand Staircase (2nd floor) on Thursday, February 15, starting at 10:30am. RSVP for the advocacy day by e-mailing We will hear from gun violence prevention leaders and survivors about the importance of passing H.3081, and then go office-to-office seeking commitments of support for the bill.