Wednesday, December 4. Lower Meeting House, Room A&B, 2-4pm.

You’ve probably heard it said that “80 is the new 60.” That’s because today most people over 60 are living longer, healthier and more active lives than their parents’ generation. And it calls on us to recognize that the old model for aging is outdated. We need to redraw the retirement/aging map to create our own ways into aging well.

Think of the Aging Well in Community program as a space where, as one of the participants at our recent AWC meeting put it, “We are learning to be older.” We are listening to each other and sharing practical resources for dealing with such issues as downsizing, finances, or finding meaning—like rekindling a sense of identity or finding later-life purpose—as well as deepening connections with family, friends and community.

We hope you’ll join in at our Dec. 4 meeting. We’ll break into groups to deepen the conversation and to connect with fellow travelers, by sharing concerns and ideas for living forward.

Annalee Johnson, Alex Mezey, Linda Harding

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