Monthly Animal Bereavement Support Group Begins on Friday, December 2

When: First Friday of the month, Lower Meetinghouse Main Room, 6:30pm

If you have ever had to say farewell to a beloved animal companion, then you have known the heartache and grief that follows such a loss. Yet as a society, we don’t recognize, understand, or honor how heartbreaking that experience is, nor the impact it can have on someone’s emotional and physical well-being. Those who grieve often feel isolated, afraid to talk about their loss, and risk being embarrassed for caring so much about “just” an animal. There are many in our beloved community and beyond who have had this experience and felt the need to carry their grief in silence – for far too long.

Rev. Rebecca, Nancy Kidd, and Renee Wolf Foster invite you to come together on Friday, December 2, at 6:30pm to share our stories, our photos, and our sorrows in a loving, listening group of kindred spirits. All are welcome.

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