Annual Giving Campaign 2024–2025

Strengthening Sacred Connections… In Our Interconnected World

Whether you are a member or friend of the First Religious Society Unitarian Universalist, you are, along with Ray and myself, a part of the legacy of sacred connection here. Being part of this beloved community means that you are in relationship with the history and people of this place and our interconnection with the world. The church community has withstood the test of time, and you are a vital part of that continuum.

Like those who have answered the call to serve before us, we are honored to have been asked to co-chair this year’s annual giving campaign. We, like all of you, hold in our hearts sacred connections that have made differences in our lives. We know that because you keep attending and supporting. And we know there is concrete evidence that these connections have made a difference in the world.

The programming, staff, and facilities here make possible the real connections that have revealed tangible results.

We are more than thinking people. We also put the “walk” in our “talk.”

This is nothing new to us. For the past three centuries, and looking into the fourth, we have supported the resources and programs that have made such important work doable.

Strengthening the sacred connections in our interconnected world is much more than this year’s theme. We know, too, that we are knitting together connections across time to generations of committed congregants.

Just as it was for those engaged here in the last 300 years, your monetary support is crucial. Your gift enables all that it takes for us to connect with one another through the diversity of our ideas and passions that make a better world.

The FRSUU needs you. It needs to be made part of your philanthropic plan for this year and for the year ahead by making your pledge today.

Do not wait another minute. The future is at hand.

With love and appreciation,

Sue Creed and Ray Wilson
2024–2025 Annual Campaign Co-Chairs


To read the 2024-2025 Annual Giving Campaign brochure, click here.

To submit your 2024-2025 Annual Giving Campaign pledge form, click here!

Why Should I Pledge?
Many of us have a general individual or family budget that we spend against as we go through our year. FRSUU has a budget, too, that the Parish Board creates annually and that the congregation approves at each Annual Meeting. This annual budget is based on FRSUU’s financial needs, not only to operate our buildings and grounds, but also to offer the myriad programs that we all share. FRS relies on your pledge to know we can meet our financial obligations, continue to turn on our lights and heat, offer our Sunday services, and run our Young Church and other programs.

What is a Pledge?
A pledge is a commitment to support the church. Your pledge is the amount that you expect to be able to give to the church during its next fiscal year, from July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2025. We know that financial and personal conditions can change during the year. If you need to adjust your pledge upward or downward during the year, you can call the church office and convey that amount to Diane Carroll, our Church Administrator.

Who Should Pledge?
Ideally, each of our members and active friends will pledge as they are able. We are in this FRSUU family together, and we rely on each other as we work toward achieving our Mission and Values within our church community and in greater Newburyport.

How Much Should I Pledge?
Though financial situations are different, we hope that all members and friends of FRSUU will make contributions meaningful to them. Last year, our average pledge was approximately $2,100, and pledges ranged from $25 to more than $25,000. We will need a combination of increased and new pledges to achieve this year’s goal. Every gift is valued and important.


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