This fall, FRS members trained as Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) facilitators will offer an AVP basic workshop for FRS members and friends. In an AVP workshop, participants work through experiential activities to build community, affirm one another, and practice communication skills that help in conflict resolution.

The workshop design was initially built by men in prison in New York state with help from Quakers and Civil Rights activists. The goal was to confront the violence in the prison, to bring the men together for their mutual benefit, and to help younger men avoid the bad effects of being incarcerated.

Over the past 40 years, AVP workshops have been used in diverse settings to help individuals reduce conflict, trauma, and isolation in their lives and strengthen their community connections. A focus on resilience and connection in the face of challenges is central to the AVP design. Many people have found participation transformational in their lives.

Our workshop series will be held on five consecutive Wednesday evenings from October 20 through November 17 from 5:30-9pm.

Preregistration and a commitment to full participation are required.

To register:

For more information contact call Kathy Desilets at or call 978-255-4277 (please leave a message).

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