A big church-wide event this spring

Be ready for a BIG EVENT designed to get the attention of Newburyport. While it’s still in the planning stages, we want to alert you to a church-wide project and event that will be taking place this spring as the first major church-wide event. The Program Council met January 10, 2017 to consider proposals and this was the project chosen.

Happening over two different weekend dates, we will be saying “Thank You” to the City of Newburyport for their support of the Steeple Project. Finance Chair Lark Madden has informed us that almost half of the steeple project has been funded by various organizations in the city. 

The BIG EVENT is twofold.

One weekend project will involve a big group of church members undertaking a service project to demonstrate our thanks to the city. We hope to be meeting with city leaders soon to work out the details.

The other project has two components: a Unicorn Street Block Party that reflects the ministry we do for our Beloved Community, our outreach to the greater Newburyport area, and our advocacy with the larger world; and an Open House/History Tour of the Sanctuary and Steeple with special attention to the steeple project artifacts and perhaps a limited tour of the steeple itself.

Those of you who were around in 2001 may remember the multiple-weekend history show performed in the sanctuary that brought to life the history of the building and attracted crowds from around the city. We envision this event as a signature event in that same vein.

Because it involves so many parts of the city, we expect that this undertaking will get city-wide exposure and media coverage, so we’ll have to look our best. This will be our opportunity to show our appreciation to the City of Newburyport and to share with its citizens who we are as a church community.

While details are still being developed, we’re telling you this now because we want you to be the first to know. And because:

  1. We want you to participate as you are able.
  2. We’re looking for assistance in making this effort a success.
  3. We’re asking those who may wish to lead certain portions of this effort to step forward and volunteer.
  4. We’ll be asking all of you to find a part and help ensure our success.

--Lynn Kettleson