Where We Stood: A New England Church and the American Revolution, 1764 - 1783

Key to the 1725 Meetinghouse“Dedicated to the past, present, and future congregations of the First Religious Society, Unitarian Universalist, of Newburyport, Massachusetts”


Where We Stood is a 90-page illustrated history of a dramatic period in the life of our church -- the years preceding and during the American Revolution. 

Pen and ink drawing of Market Square Meeting House

Newburyport, then a flourishing town of 2,800, made its living from the sea trade, and it was an excellent living for many. As part of a British colony, our economic well-being depended on participation in the massive trading empire of our mother country. As King George III’s parliament exacted more and more from its American colony, the people of Newburyport were confronted with a moral dilemma. 

Written by members of the FRS UU Historical Committee, Where We Stood tells of the decisions of a number of the parishioners of those days: how they and their friends and neighbors risked their lives, the lives of their families, and their often very large fortunes by engaging in, and often leading, treasonous anti-British activities. 

Available through the church office (978) 465-1602 or info@frsuu.org. $15.00.

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