This is no ordinary Mission Vision Work. This is Love in Action.

By Juliana Beauvais, Mission-Vision Communications Team member, and Nicole Salemi, Director of Community Engagement


“We need to know how and where and to what we are accountable, and where we choose to go deep.” – Rev. Rebecca


Our Mission Vision process kicked off this past Sunday during worship services with Rev. Rebecca’s sermon on purpose—which is the October ministry theme—and “The Powerful Question,” the lodestar for the Mission Vision process. We invite you into this process of going deep to explore and discover our authentic values and purpose. We call you to create, to offer your unique perspective, energy and enthusiasm, and rootedness. We will listen as you explore which answers will help you know how you would like our beloved community to show up for each other, the community and the broader world. This work will happen during our congregational conversation sessions. Reserve your spot.


“The importance of knowing our purpose is huge. We can’t do it all. But we must do something. If we want to feel whole and connected and above all in these days and times ahead if we are to feel hopeful, we must do something.” – Rev. Rebecca

(Listen to her sermon)


We have provided answers to some of the more common questions arising about the Mission Vision work in the following section. If you have a question and can’t find the answer here, please email and one of our core team members will respond.


Welcome to Mission Vision Work. We are Glad You are Here.

Why now?

It’s been nearly fifteen years since the congregation last articulated a vision statement. Now is the time that we are called to create. We have these gifts of great energy, momentum and renewed interest in making an impact. What do we do with these gifts? This year we will create a clear mission and vision together based on our core values. This statement of our deep commitment will guide our priorities, determine our budgetary allocations, and focus all our efforts as we plan for the future.


Why start with a powerful question?

Our powerful question is:


“What are we called to create as an engaged and loving religious community: within, among, and beyond ourselves?”


It creates space and time to consider the big picture of our shared ministry. The question invites imagination and hope. It helps create a common focus for us to reflect together about possibilities for the future. The question’s larger focus, open-endedness, and meaningful topic calls us to a deeper sense of purpose.


How can I participate?

Join us on this journey by participating in a facilitated congregational conversation.  Sessions will be fun, interactive, and spiritually deepening.  We will explore connections to FRS, memorable experiences and our stories. Conversations and activities will center around our powerful question. The goal is to have as many community members participate as possible. There are numerous dates and times available. We invite each person to sign up for one session. You may sign up before or after Sunday worship services. See one of the core team members in the vestibule. Or reserve your spot now online.


Why should I attend a session?

Rev. Rebecca recently gave a sermon on listening in which she said that “Listening is Love in Action.”  Participate in a session so that your follow congregants may truly listen to you. What do you hope and long to experience? What does being called to a greater purpose mean to you? What does your deeply rooted commitment to this community mean for our future? Your wisdom guides and shapes our community. Maybe you are beginning an exploration that will lead to you becoming something more, deeper, new. Or you might have questions and a desire to contribute that will form our journey.  Sign-up today – it is time to create a future vision of our engaged and loving community.


“When we trust there is a calling within ourselves and we follow that, then what we do is more than enough.” – Rev. Rebecca


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