Chalice Circles to start up again in October

The Chalice Circle Program begins its third year the first week of October 2017. Many FRS members have participated in this small group ministry program. If you have not yet experienced Chalice Circles, consider signing up this year. Look for information about how to sign up for a group in an upcoming Order of Service. Registration opens the week of September 17. 

Chalice Circles offer a special space in the course of busy lives to stop, reflect, and listen. They provide a chance to deepen our spiritual lives, develop relationships with other members of the congregation and friends of FRS, and engage in conversation on such topics as friendship, spiritual practice, or forgiveness. One participant expressed her experience in these words, “The energy, joy, and feeling of connectedness I left with is a testament to the incredible power of these gatherings.” Please join us as we begin another year of this FRS program.—Chalice Circle Steering Committee