And the Answer Is...


The Congregational Survey is just days away! On August 10th you will have the opportunity to let the Ministerial Search Committee know who you are, what you envision for our Beloved Community’s future, and the characteristics you hope to see in our new settled minister.
The survey will ask for demographic information and information about your spiritual lives, your beliefs, and your connection to the FRS and its importance to you. It will also ask you about our strengths and weaknesses, our mission, and our future. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, it will ask for your ideas about the important duties of a minister and what kind of person you would like to see in the pulpit. Your answers will be kept strictly confidential.
Think of the survey as a GPS (roadmap to us older folks!) which will guide the committee toward the best candidate we can find for the FRS and will help that candidate find us. That is why it is so important that as many congregants take part as possible. Just remember, if you want to take part in the vote on the chosen candidate, you must be a member.
You can take the survey by linking through the website. You can also get a paper copy from the office. Folks who receive the Steeple BiWeekly in the mail will have a copy sent to them. You will have until September 15th to fill in the survey and get it back to us. Please set aside a few minutes to help us in our search.
Search Update:
The Congregational Survey is a big step in our search for a settled minister. We are in the process of setting up a Congregational workshop on Beyond Categorical Thinking, scheduled for Saturday, October 14th, which is designed to help us open up to all the possibilities out there. We are also compiling our church’s online application for a minister, which will help the UUA guide appropriate candidates to us.