Down to the final four!

At the beginning of January we had 23 candidates for our new minister, then there were ten, then seven, and now we are down to the final four. Last weekend the Search Committee had a chance to speak directly to seven candidates and then, after much discussion, chose our pre-candidates. In February we will spend a weekend getting to know our pre-candidates and we will have the opportunity to hear each one preach. After that comes the very difficult process of choosing the candidate who we believe will be the best fit for our Beloved Community as we move into the future.

Why only one choice for the congregation to vote up or down? Imagine if we had three candidates and the congregation split on who would be the best choice? Congregations, even the healthiest, can suffer damage when they split over important decisions. In general, prospective ministers will refuse a call to a congregation that isn’t firmly behind them, meaning they are comfortable with a vote only well above 90%. We are working hard to find the best candidate to present to the congregation. Our candidate will probably tick a lot of your boxes, but not all,  so keep in mind what we learned in the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop: think about who we’re choosing, not what we’re choosing.
Our candidate will be here around the end of April or the beginning of May for a week to meet the congregation and lead two services. After the second service we will meet and make our decision. You should try to attend the services and other events scheduled to get to know our prospective settled minister. Since this is the most important decision a congregation can make, the more members who participate the better. But, remember, you can vote only if you’ve signed a membership application, so make sure you are an official member before May!