FRS Is Ready to Step Out!

We’ve done the survey, attended the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop, met with the congregation during forums and coffee hour. FRS is just about ready to step out the door and into the UU world in its search for a new minister. The Congregational Record, which is the introduction to the inner workings of our community, is being fine tuned and sent off to the UUA. The record will be posted on the UUA website and available only to ministers and staff. This is our first chance to make ourselves known to ministers who are looking for a congregation. 

After the Congregational Record, our next reach out into the UU world is the Congregational Packet. This will be a website describing our congregation and community that will help ministers searching for a settled ministry decide if this is the place for them. The packet will go online after Christmas 
Have questions? You may submit questions to the committee by dropping them in the boxes in the Lower Meeting House and vestibule. Also, members of the committee are always happy to chat with you if you have questions about our progress. To track that progress, check out the schedule listed in the order of service and posted in the Parish Hall.
And a reminder to all our friends who are part of our community but not members of our congregation: you must be a member to cast a vote when we make the final decision about a settled minister in May, so sign the book and gain the vote!