The Ministerial Records Arrive!

The Ministerial Search Committee is excited to get our first look at prospective ministers. This week we got a list of names of ministers interested in joining our community and a chance to look at their Ministerial Records. These give us information about their experience, their beliefs, and how they understand the role of a minister.

We have 22 people interested in our church, the highest number among churches of our size. Among these candidates are a wide range of ages and broad experience so we have many qualified people to choose from. Our first task is identifying around ten candidates whom we want to get to know better. We’ll exchange information packets with them and also do long distance interviews, finishing up by January 21. Then we will narrow the field down to a final three or four, whom the committee will meet in February.

The quality of the applicants we are looking at is amazing, reflecting the high standards UU’s set for their ministers. Their civic involvement, theological understanding, and scholarship are impressive, but they are also creative and innovative. Many have come to the ministry as second careers and bring that worldly understanding to their ministry. They are willing to share information about their lives and families with us to help us understand the origins and core of their faith. The Search Committee is looking forward to getting to know them better.