Ministerial Search Committee Forum Meets

On Sunday, September 17, 2017, almost fifty members of the FRSUU congregation met for the Ministerial Search Committee Forum. This was a chance to discuss the search process and what’s coming next, to take a look at some of the early data from the Congregational Survey, and sit down in small groups to talk about the role the new minister will play in our community. 

The Search Committee has now completed the discernment phase of the search. We have gathered data, conducted interviews, and met with the congregation. Now we will be putting together a Congregational Record and a Congregational Packet, which are the collections of information about ourselves that will be shared with the UUA and ministers who are looking for new congregations. Included in these will be information gathered from the survey and our interviews and discussions.
Discussions, interviews, and the survey revealed a broad band of opinions about who we want our new minister to be but certain traits are commonly sought. Participants identified strong leadership skills, an ability to listen, and the gift of delivering good sermons as desirable attributes. We are looking to be challenged and made to think, but hold our traditions and history as important too. And, very importantly, we are worried about our aging community and hope to find someone who will inspire young families to join us.
Did you miss the Forum? If you have questions about the search process or what the data has shown us so far, or you’d like to let us know what you hope to see in our next minister, come by and talk to us at coffee hour. For the next few weeks, members of the committee will have a table set up and invite you to come with your questions. 
We know what we want, but how open are we to moving beyond our preconceived notions of what a minister should be? Our next task is to work together to open ourselves to all the possibilities that are out there. Please join us for the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop scheduled for October 14th. There our work together to prepare for the coming transition will continue.