Nominations Process

The FRS Governance Committee is seeking nominations for key leadership positions within the Church.

The Governance Committee is charged with developing the slate of nominees for open positions for the 2017-18 church year.  This slate will be presented to the members of the society for approval at the annual May meeting. 

We are looking for congregational members* interested in committing their skills, time and energy to serving our FRS community.  The positions (see details for each position) which are open for election by the membership include:

  • Parish Board (Three openings; three year term). 
  • Board of the Trustees of the Endowment (One opening; three year term). 
  • Treasurer (One opening; one year term). 
  • Parish Clerk (One opening; one year term).
  • Finance Committee Chair (One opening; one year term).
  • Governance Committee Chair (One opening; one year term).
  • Auditor (One opening; one year term). 
  • Moderator (One opening; one year term). 
  • Delegates (Seven openings; one year term).  

If you are interested in serving our community in one of these capacities we would love to hear from you!  Please contact any of the following members of the Governance Committee to discuss these positions.

Marie Murphy, 978-270-4173,

Bev Lacey,  

Annie Madden,   

Frances McLaughlin,

Paula Francese,

*You must be a member of the congregation in order to be elected to an officer position.