Search Committee Ready for Next Phase

The second phase of our search for a new minister is coming to an end. The discernment process, where we sought to understand our community better and to figure out what we are looking for in a settled minister, occupied us last year and into the fall. 

For the last couple of months the committee’s focus has been on creating the Congregational Record and our Information Packet, the two documents that will introduce our community to ministers looking for a pulpit. The Congregational Record has been completed, made available to the congregation, and approved and posted by the UUA.
The Informational Packet is close to completion and will be sent to our advisor on December 23. Around that time it will be available for a short time for members to see. Information how to do that will be sent out at the time. The packet will contain a description of our community and a history of our church as well as information about life in our beautiful community. It will also include some thoughts about our areas of challenge and what we hope a new minister will help us achieve. Rebecca Brodish and Jeff Bard have done an amazing job pulling all the information together and getting it organized.
In January the next phase begins. We will be looking at information from applicants and choosing which ones to interview and meet. We have only a few weeks to accomplish this so it should be a busy, exciting, time.