Retired Ladies Lunch

The retired ladies of FRS lunch together the third Wednesday of the month. Whether we're fully or semi retired, we dine wholeheartedly at carefully selected bistros, cafes, restaurants, dining rooms, usually in Essex county. We avoid clam shacks since our aging bodies require good chairs.

Contact the church office, info@frsuu.org or (978) 465-0602, for more information.

Retired Old Men Eating Out

ROMEOs is not a club. There are no dues, no membership requirements, and no official officers. Les Ferlazzo is the acting organizer.

We meet at noon on the second Tuesday of each month, year 'round.

Each month, a different man (Officer of the Day) is responsible for choosing a restaurant and for making a reservation at that restaurant. That man also handles the group’s single tab, which is divided among those present.

We average about a dozen men at each meeting meeting.