Governance Committee

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The Governance Committee is a standing committee that has the responsibility of ensuring excellence in governance and congregational leadership.  It does this by focusing on ongoing Board development, Board effectiveness, Board leadership, and succession planning for the Board and other FRS officers.  The Chair of the Governance Committee is a member of the Parish Board.  The Governance Committee seeks out members who are familiar with the church and its governance structure which is why many of its members are former Chairs of the Parish Board.

The current members of the Governance Committee are:
Marie Murphy, Chair, and former Parish Board Chair
Annie Madden, Former Parish Board Chair
Frances McLaughlin, Parish Board Member
Beverly Heinze-Lacey, Parish Board Member

During the church year the Governance Committee assists the Parish Board in orienting new Board members, assisting in planning retreats and meetings, finding talent within the church willing to serve as officers, and in helping the Parish Board to regularly assess effectiveness.  The Governance Committee guides the Parish Board on matters of policy and works closely with the Parish Board chair and Executive Team (Minister and Business Administrator).  The Vice Chair of the Parish Board is encouraged to serve on the Governance Committee to strengthen his or her understanding of the role of Chair.