The Alliance is a benevolent organization within FRS with a tradition of service. It donates money and time to benefit FRS and takes pride in its role in the social and philanthropic work of the parish. Business meetings are held (over a brown bag lunch) at noon on the second Wednesday of the month in fall and spring. and followed by a one-hour presentation on topics such as Newburyport history, book authors of Newburyport, music, and travel experiences. Read the Alliance 2018-19 program.


Comfort Shawls

Comfort Shawls are handmade shawls, knit with love and healing, then given to seriously ill and bereaved members and friends. Knit or crochet with your own pattern and yarn or use the instructions and yarn in the Conference Room cabinet (suggested donation, $12 for 3 balls of yarn).

Friday Book Discussion

Friday Book Discussion meets every week at 10am. Each meeting covers the next section of a fiction or nonfiction book. Join anytime.

Short Story Discussion Group

Short Story Discussion Group meets on first and third Tuesdays at noon for a lively, laughter-filled conversation. Bring your lunch, or not. Upcoming titles are announced in the newsletter and in a group email.

Retired Ladies Lunch

Retired Ladies Lunch on the third Wednesday of the month. Whether you’re retired, working part time, or just taking a sick day, come and chow down at one of the nicer eateries along the coast. We don’t wear red hats and we don’t gossip. Separate checks.

Retired Old Men Eating Out (ROMEO)

Retired Old Men Eating Out (ROMEO) meets at a different area restaurant on the second Tuesday of every month. Join other retired guys for lunch and sociability. The bill is split equally, so please bring small bills.

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