The April Jazz Vespers is a YouTube premiere event where everyone will watch at the same time, Wednesday, April 1 at 8pm.

Access will not be provided prior to this time, although the recording will be available afterward. Attendees will also be able to use the accompanying chat throughout the premiere. Click the button above to access the performance which was recorded on December 13th at the Cafe Jazz concert.


The Jazz Combo students include:
Quinn McCarron – tenor saxophone, 11th grade
Zack Murphy – baritone saxophone, 11th grade
Brandon Berube – trombone, 12th grade
Troy Bockman – piano, 11th grade
Vance Carpenter – bass, 11th grade
Ryan Maguire – drums, 12th grade


This is David Schumacher’s 20th year directing the jazz program at Pentucket, and we thank him and the FRSUU staff for their efforts to make this happen. Blessings to you all!

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