Rev. Rebecca continues her “Journey of a Lifetime” conversation on racial equity, and responds to questions on where to start in this video below.

Looking for other places to begin? Read Rev. Rebecca’s sermon from February 17 and watch the video of Ruby Sales discussing “How we can begin to heal the pain of racial division”. Then take the Journey of a Lifetime Pledge in Support of Racial Equity:

“Climb on board and commit to awaken, accept and act toward ending oppression and racism.

I pledge to learn about whiteness, racism, racial equity and the intersectionality of race, sex, class, gender identity and so many other things.

I am willing to be changed and sign this promise with an open hear and open mind.

I know that I, and we, will make mistakes. I am willing to own my mistakes, and make reparations, without shame to me or anyone else.

I accept that this is communal work and that it is sacred work.”

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