Sunday, September 9: Memorial Peace Vigil Celebration of Life of Nikki Rosen. Market Square, 12-1pm
A message from Kristine Malpica: It has been said by Mother Teresa and others: ”We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” I know I am not alone in saying that our dear late friend Nikki Rosen embodied this truism, and served as an inspirational model to many in the local peace and justice movement, young and old. Since  the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began (over 15 years ago), this intrepid peace pilgrim, raging granny continued her tireless commitment to spearheading a weekly Sunday vigil in Newburyport’s Market Square. Rain or shine, in bitter cold and sweltering heat she was there with and for us, holding her signs and greeting all who passed with her warm, welcoming smile and ever joyful, inimitable spirit.
In memory of Nikki’s life, peace work and constant loving presence in our community we invite you to gather with us Sunday September 9, 12-1pm for a memorial vigil and celebration of life. In honor of her unwavering dedication and non-violent resistance to war, nuclear proliferation, environmental destruction, discrimination and all things counter to a peaceable world, all are invited to share stories, poems, songs and sentiments about Nikki and all she stood for, quite literally, for so many years. We hope you will join us and please spread the good word about this joyful gathering of kindred souls in memory of a one of a kind original, beautiful dreamer Nikki Rosen.

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