Your Search Committee Recommendations

One of your most important acts this year as a member of the First Religious Society will be your recommendation as to who should serve on the Search Committee for a new Settled Minister. The Parish Board is asking each member to propose three members (but not more than five) whom you most trust to represent the needs of the congregation and to discern the most qualified candidate(s) for the First Religious Society.

To provide context for making your recommendations, the UUA suggests thinking about the following questions:

  • Who can represent the congregation best?
  • Who in the congregation works well with others?
  • Who in the congregation knows the history and culture of FRS?
  • Who can speak effectively to a potential minister about our congregation's strengths and weaknesses?
  • Who in the congregation can represent the diversity of our FRS community?
  • Who in the congregation is a good judge of character and can evaluate the minister's fit with the congregation?
Your Recommendations
List your name, and the names of First Religious Society members whom you most trust to work for our common interest on the Ministerial Search Committee. Either submit your recommended names on this form or return a completed printed version of the form to the church office, no later than March 31st.