Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday at 10:30am: What Feeds Us -- Rev Susan Milnor. We often speak of the theological diversity in our Unitarian Universalist congregations - God/ No God/ UU Christian/ Buddhist. Does that diversity need to get in our way? How do we navigate it in a way that is mutually respectful, on the one hand, and rich and meaningful on the other? Susan will be joined by Seminarians Sophia Lyons and Jason McLin.

Program Council Meets

The Program Council had its first meeting on Tuesday, September 26th. The Program Council was created to replace the old Leadership Council as a way to foster communication and collaboration among the many groups working in the church. 

Transition Team Findings, Part II

By Tom Stites

Second of two articles

UU churches that have seen significant growth in recent years tend to have experimented with and changed their approaches to Sunday worship. This trend became clear through conversations with ministers of similar-sized UU churches in our region that members of the FRS Transition Team visited during the last church year.

Further research, led by team member Forrest Speck, showed that this trend was true of UU congregations nationally – and that the familiar business principle of “change or die” also applies to churches.

Donate flowers or steeple lighting

The following dates are available for Steeple Lightings and providing flowers for Sunday service. To sign up for a date, email Nicole Salemi. Please include in your email: Steeple or Flowers, the date you've chosen, and the message to include in the Order of Service. Steeple Lighting is $75. Flowers either you provide or the church orders a standard arrangement ($35 plus tax) and florist bills you.

Steeple Lightings 2017-2018

July 8, 2018

July 29, 2018

Make music at FRS

The FRS Adult Choir will resume Thursday evening rehearsals on September 7 at 7:30 pm, and we will rehearse at 9am on Sunday and sing in the Sunday Service on September 10. If you are interested in participating, please email Dana Maiben, our Acting Music Director. 

Read your work at Jazz Vespers

Jazz Vespers invites you to consider being a reader at one of our Wednesday evening services. Readers choose their own selections which can range from humorous pieces to traditional literature to modern poetry or original works you have written. Vespers is held the first Wednesday evening of the month from October through June (save for a winter break in January) at 8pm in the Sanctuary. The service consists of Jazz and Pop music with three or four minutes of readings and a few minutes for silent reflection. Next Vespers is October 11, 2017.

Pre-paying parking on Sunday

Ever rush out of coffee hour or a meeting to feed a parking meter at noon? You can avoid any panic by pre-paying your parking fee. Paid parking begins at noon on Sundays in Newburyport and costs $1 per hour. If you think you will be staying later than 12:00 you can pay any time that morning at Kiosks #3 and #5, or in the Prince Place lot. For example, if you arrive at 10:20 for worship service and insert a dollar, you’ll see that the expiration time is not 11:20am but 1:00pm. Pay on your way in, and relax. If the kiosks ever don’t comply, please let the City Clerk know. 

Get your “Newburyport Coloring Book”

The Historical Committee is delighted to announce FRS’ own contribution to the wider community’s new enthusiasm for coloring books. With the help of fourteen local artists, “Today and Yesterday...A Newburyport Coloring Book” contains twenty-four drawings, from old-time Joppa clam shacks to the gardens at Maudslay State Park. Each full-page drawing is accompanied by historical background text. “A Newburyport Coloring Book” was introduced at Yankee Homecoming, and sales exceeded even our ever-buoyant expectations.


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