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Call for nominations

Interested in being a part of the leadership of our church? Want to be in the know and potentially make a difference at the First Religious Society?

Each year at the Annual Meeting, the membership votes to elect new officers of the church. This year these officers include 3 members to the Parish Board, 2 members to the Trustees of the Endowment, a Parish Clerk, a Governance Committee chair and 8 delegates to the UUA General Assembly (to be held in New Orleans in June).

How we govern at FRS: the Parish Board

In the first article on Governance we looked at Congregational Polity, and the role it plays in how we govern ourselves. We defined Congregational Polity as the system in which the congregation governs, answering to no authority other than the membership. In that article it was explained that the Parish Board is the vehicle in our church governance system by which the membership exercises its rights to govern. In this article we will explore the Parish Board; its makeup, and how it represents the congregation.

Your important role in building an exceptional Search Committee

by Lynn Kettleson

On Sunday, February 26, First Religious Society Congregation Members (those who have signed a Membership application) will begin the process of naming a Search Committee whose job it will be to present to the congregation the candidate for our next settled minister. Now is the time to start assembling your own list of prospective candidates for the Search Committee.

Stand up for Justice in Washington, DC

Monday, April 3 through Wednesday, April 5, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 301 A St SE, Washington, DC. The rising tide of inequality, intolerance and racism makes it more important for UUs to stand up for their values. UUJEC and UUs for Social Justice in the National Capital Region (UUSJ) are organizing a spring conference in Washington DC to give UUs an opportunity to advocate for a vision of a fair and compassionate society directly to decision makers on Capitol Hill. We cannot take a step back on progress in equality and human rights. Now more than ever we must act.

Pre-paying parking on Sunday

Ever rush out of coffee hour or a meeting to feed a parking meter at noon? You can avoid any panic by pre-paying your parking fee. Paid parking begins at noon on Sundays in Newburyport and costs $1 per hour. If you think you will be staying later than 12:00 you can pay any time that morning at Kiosks #3 and #5, or in the Prince Place lot. For example, if you arrive at 10:20 for worship service and insert a dollar, you’ll see that the expiration time is not 11:20am but 1:00pm. Pay on your way in, and relax. If the kiosks ever don’t comply, please let the City Clerk know. 

A big church-wide event this spring

Be ready for a BIG EVENT designed to get the attention of Newburyport. While it’s still in the planning stages, we want to alert you to a church-wide project and event that will be taking place this spring as the first major church-wide event. The Program Council met January 10, 2017 to consider proposals and this was the project chosen.

Get your “Newburyport Coloring Book”

The Historical Committee is delighted to announce FRS’ own contribution to the wider community’s new enthusiasm for coloring books. With the help of fourteen local artists, “Today and Yesterday...A Newburyport Coloring Book” contains twenty-four drawings, from old-time Joppa clam shacks to the gardens at Maudslay State Park. Each full-page drawing is accompanied by historical background text. “A Newburyport Coloring Book” was introduced at Yankee Homecoming, and sales exceeded even our ever-buoyant expectations.


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