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March 26, 2017

A Wind at the Back: Some Thoughts on Privilege - Rev. Stan Barrett, FRS Affiliate Minister. When life is challenging--and when is it not?--we don't usually spend much time feeling, or thinking about being, privileged. Yet we know that having (or not having) certain characteristics--like being white or male or "straight"--can make life easier (or harder) for us. And it's complicated, because we - and those around us - have different mixtures of privilege and its lack. Beyond that, how "should" we feel about privilege, to the extent that we have it?

The VUU - a social justice and video project for middle schoolers

Is there an issue you feel passionate about? Do you want to make the world a better place? Do you want to make your voice heard? Do you want to express yourself creatively and have fun? Are you in middle school? If yes, please plan to join us for three sessions of creative justice-making as we conceptualize and film a video on a topic of your choice. Dates are: March 26, April 2, and April 23; time is 12-2pm.

Submit names for the Ministerial Search Committee

Over the 2017-18 church year, a Search Committee of FRS members will do the important and confidential work of finding a candidate for our next minister. During March 2017, every congregation member (those who have signed a membership application) is asked to submit a list of up to five members that they would recommend for the Search Committee. From the top names, the Parish Board will propose a slate of seven members that reflects the diversity of the congregation and other attributes suggested by the UUA process.

Seeking members interested in church leadership

The Governance Committee of the Parish Board is busy at this time of year. Part of our role is to oversee the nominations process – seeking interested members to take on the mantle of leadership for the next church year. We’re always in search of members who might be interested in church leadership, and we’d be happy to answer questions or speak to anyone who might just want to find out more about the different roles of leadership in the church.

Pre-paying parking on Sunday

Ever rush out of coffee hour or a meeting to feed a parking meter at noon? You can avoid any panic by pre-paying your parking fee. Paid parking begins at noon on Sundays in Newburyport and costs $1 per hour. If you think you will be staying later than 12:00 you can pay any time that morning at Kiosks #3 and #5, or in the Prince Place lot. For example, if you arrive at 10:20 for worship service and insert a dollar, you’ll see that the expiration time is not 11:20am but 1:00pm. Pay on your way in, and relax. If the kiosks ever don’t comply, please let the City Clerk know. 

Get your “Newburyport Coloring Book”

The Historical Committee is delighted to announce FRS’ own contribution to the wider community’s new enthusiasm for coloring books. With the help of fourteen local artists, “Today and Yesterday...A Newburyport Coloring Book” contains twenty-four drawings, from old-time Joppa clam shacks to the gardens at Maudslay State Park. Each full-page drawing is accompanied by historical background text. “A Newburyport Coloring Book” was introduced at Yankee Homecoming, and sales exceeded even our ever-buoyant expectations.

The FRS Spring Fundraiser 2017


Grand prize: Dinner for 2, Anywhere in the World

Raffle Drawing: Saturday, June 3, 2017 at 3pm

First Religious Society

Fasten your seatbelts! The raffle winner wins dinner for two at the restaurant of their choice anywhere (yes, anywhere!) in the world. The prize includes:

  • airfare for two to any major international airport
  • dinner for two (excluding alcoholic beverages)
  • hotel accommodations for two nights*

Total package value is not to exceed $5,000.


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