Nominations sought for officer positions

The First Religious Society seeks interested members who wish to make a difference. We may not be able to change the larger world to our liking, but we can influence our community, and be the change we’d like to see in our smaller world. Our congregational polity stands on solid ground, steeped in the values of our nation’s founders, and democracy. We have a vibrant community of active members whose passions for our shared values are alive and well. The church seeks leaders who have the vision to continue to fuel that passion and guide the church through very interesting times. Who wants to be a part of this leadership?

At our Annual Meeting in May, the membership will elect new officers who will serve in many different capacities. The Governance Committee has begun the annual Nominations process. Please keep in mind that you, the member, run this church, and are represented by the officers whom you elect. If you want things to be done differently, this is your opportunity to express your interest.
The Governance Committee will be making ourselves available to answer questions or speak further with you on this. You’ll see more information in the coming weeks, and you can always reach us at Murphy, Chair Governance Committee,