Dear members and friends,

We continue this month with our ministry themes with the theme of balance.

I chose this theme in order to remind us that as we share and imagine our stories, and as we clarify and establish our intentions, we must also remember the importance of balance.

Learning how to live a life of balance is not easy. It is something that we apply at every phase of our lives. Whether we are seeking to maintain perspective, set priorities, or make sense of our place in the world, we are always in need of balance.

We will be exploring this over the month of November. I encourage you to engage with this topic by paying attention to the questions included in the Order of Service each week, talking with your friends, reading more on your own, reaching out to one another, and to me, and/or participating in the sermon discussion group on November 18. Above all, and always, be kind to yourself. You are a treasure and a gift in this messy, beautiful, world.

With love and gratitude,
Rev. Rebecca

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