FRSUU member Laurie Evans-Daly, a retired Special Educator and local history buff, moved to Newburyport from Framingham, MA in 2005, into a condo on the Merrimac River. Nearby was a small beach where at low tide she gathered old pieces of rum bottles, pottery, and other interesting items. Inspired, she began crafting seahorse shapes using her found items. Since that time, she has made more than 70 seahorses, every one different, named and signed by her. She sells them locally and six will be on display in the Tiny Gallery for the month of October.


Openings for Exhibits in the Tiny Gallery

We currently have openings for artist exhibits in the Tiny Gallery for the months of December and February-June. The gallery is located at the bottom of the curved stairwell leading from the vestibule to the public area and offices below, and it is open on weekdays during office hours and on Sundays, 9am-noon. Exhibits span one calendar month. FRS encourages artistic expression of all kinds and by all ages, including but not limited to painting, photography, sculpture and fine crafts. The gallery space is offered free to FRS members, and to all others for a $100 donation to the general church fund. Please contact Diane Carroll for an exhibit request form or more information.

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