A Note on the 2019-20 Annual Campaign 

Make Your Support Count – Pledge This Week! 

We are waiting to hear from 74 households – a combination of regular supporters, new members and newly engaged friends in our community. You might think your individual pledge can wait – that it won’t make a difference – but it does! Our pledges account for nearly 70% of our proposed operating budget. We will be assessing this month our plans for next year – and every pledge has an impact on what we can aspire to. Please, pledge now with your estimate of your contributions for July 2019 through June 2020. 

These last three Sundays, Linda Tulley, Rachel Yee and Jay Iannini shared their moving and heartfelt testimonials as to why they support FRS. Thank you. This is a question we each ask ourselves during the Annual Campaign – why we pledge to support FRS. 

We embarked on a campaign with three goals – to receive pledged support from 300 households, to reach for commitments of $500,000 and to complete our campaign by April 7th. We have made great progress in this very short period of time, and each of these goals remains achievable, with everyone’s help. 

Thank you to the 226 friend and member households – including over 50 new households – who have pledged collective support of $388,000 so far. Your pledges of all amounts exemplify the strength of our community. If you already pledged and are contemplating an increase or additional increase, you are certainly welcome to revise your pledge, as some have. 

Every pledge matters as we work together to fund our aspirations for next year, including expanding the reach of our ministries among both youth and adults, continuing fair compensation for our dedicated staff, and supporting the recent growth in engagement and in our membership. 

Don’t wait – you can pledge your support by: 

  • Turning in your pledge card during Sunday’s offertory; extra pledge cards are available 
  • Pledging online at frsuu.org/pledge 
  • Mailing your card to Kristen Fehlhaber, Directory of Finance and Administration, First Religious Society, 26 Pleasant Street, Newburyport, MA, 01950 
  • Requesting a personal visit with a volunteer steward, arranged by contacting Susan Ricker, leader of the Annual Campaign (smricker@aol.com, 978618-8389) 

Please, pledge as generously as possible, according to your means and commitment. Whether you are a member, or a friend, or a newcomer, your support is vital. 

Need more information? The 2019-20 Annual Campaign brochure is rich with material about our accomplishments, strengths, and aspirations. Copies are available on Sundays or from the office. The brochure is also available online.

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