Rev-eries - March 7, 2017

I am asking ask two things of you.

First, come and celebrate our life together at First Religious Society on Sunday, March 12. The past several months have been a challenging time, and we need a moment to celebrate. Yes, it's the kick-off to our annual stewardship drive, and your support is an important part of that. But it's about so much more. Celebration Sunday is about giving in every way possible until we feel good:  with music, with the energy of generations coming together, with love, and with commitment to all that we believe in.

FRS has much to celebrate. We are, all of us, making our way together through this transition period quite well. The first steps of forming a ministerial search committee are happening as you suggest members for that important group. On the Parish Board level, we are focusing on trying to improve communication with the congregation as fully as we keep you up to date on the transition process, the steeple project and formation of a capital campaign for next year. We are assessing our staffing, and striving to continue the rich musical life of this congregation, with more diversity in our worship music. We even have a new hymnal this year and a new look for the Order of Service. Energy for justice work has been bubbling up all over the congregation. Coming months and next year will bring more good things.

Nothing is as important as the people, though, and your love of this community, this faith tradition, and the difference we can make in the world. Come and celebrate!

Second, please register for one of the two remaining sessions of the second round of Transition workshops. In this round, we are looking at how to more fully live our mission in terms of some of the gaps you identified in the first round as well as doing some bolder visioning.

I feel blessed to be spending this time with you, my FRS friends.  Now is the time to celebrate and commit.

--Rev. Susan