Role of the interim minister in the ministerial search

With a Ministerial Search Committee slate before you, it seems a good time to let you know the interim minister’s role in the search process. What the interim minister does not do is discuss specific candidates for the ministry with the search committee. Selection of a new minister is solely the congregation’s role.

But I will be available to your MSC in these ways, as laid out in the UUA’s Transitions Handbook:

  • offering pastoral care to the search committee
  • bringing congregational concerns to the notice of the search committee
  • coaching the search committee on communications with the congregation
  • offering response to the committee’s Congregational Record and ministerial and congregational profiles
  • writing a “Letter from the Interim Minister” for the search committee’s packet
  • participating in a mock interview or acting as process observer as the search committee conducts a mock interview with a neighboring minister
  • preaching on the nature and role of ministry
  • witnessing for a realistic ministerial agreement and fair compensation

In addition, I will be happy to meet with the Committee to answer questions or give background on the congregation’s strengths, challenges, patterns, or practices. 

Finally, with you, I will continue to answer your questions about the process and the future as best I can. It’s going to be exciting!