Seeking members interested in church leadership

The Governance Committee of the Parish Board is busy at this time of year. Part of our role is to oversee the nominations process – seeking interested members to take on the mantle of leadership for the next church year. We’re always in search of members who might be interested in church leadership, and we’d be happy to answer questions or speak to anyone who might just want to find out more about the different roles of leadership in the church. If you are interested in exploring the roles of leadership feel free to reach out to anyone of us on the Governance Committee. We’d be happy to speak to you. We will be wrapping up our work over the next month in preparation for the Annual Meeting on May 21, 2017.

Members of the Governance Committee are Frances McLaughlin, Annie Madden, Bev Lacey, Paula Francese, and Marie Murphy.

The Governance Committee can be reached at