Latest Sermons

Fearing the Crowd  |  Sunday, April 9, 2017

Palm Sunday is the right time to consider the meaning that the life of Jesus has in our tradition. The "real" story of this day is particularly resonant in a year in which people have thought so much about "resistance." And, as Passover rapidly approaches, it's the perfect time to consider how these two holy seasons are related.

Taking a Bow  |  Sunday, April 2, 2017

If we are looking for values that help us to live well for ourselves and others, we could do much worse that to aspire to humility even though it seems to be at odd with the times. What is humility, really, and how can we approach it? Parker Palmer, a U.N. Secretary, an expert in emotional intelligence, the Desert Fathers, and a Buddhist pilgrimage can all provide some clues.

A Wind at the Back: Some Thoughts on Privilege  |  Sunday, March 26, 2017

When life is challenging--and when is it not?--we don't usually spend much time feeling, or thinking about being, privileged. Yet we know that having (or not having) certain characteristics--like being white or male or "straight"--can make life easier (or harder) for us. And it's complicated, because we - and those around us - have different mixtures of privilege and its lack. Beyond that, how "should" we feel about privilege, to the extent that we have it? Is guilt appropriate or useful? Is open-hearted awareness enough? The sermon will aim at opening up a few aspects of this complex and emotionally weighty topic.

To Act Boldly  |  Sunday, March 19, 2017

The demands our ideal of justice is putting on us now are extraordinary. How can we be grounded in our religious tradition during these difficult times? Can it help us to distinguish between pure partisan politics and acting for our core values? I struggle with this every day, and the struggle is important. Second Giving Sunday.

The Time Is Now—But Why?  |  Sunday, March 12, 2017

This week we will celebrate what we love about this community with a cast of many. Young Church will join us for a "Time for All Ages" before going downstairs for a special activity. Youth Choirs and Adult Choir will sing, and we'll have generally fantastic music. Our teens will share something with us; we'll hear from congregants; and Rev. Susan Milnor will deliver a sermon on "The Time is Now - But Why?" Today is the kickoff of our annual stewardship drive, and it's important to consider the deeper meaning of stewardship in these challenging times. First Giving Sunday: this will be the first opportunity for you to make a pledge for the coming church year