Peace in the Day to Day

Dec 24, 2022

Christmas Eve Reflection by Reverend Rebecca Bryan

When people’s lives change, for instance when children go off to school for the first time or when a loved one dies, it is the ordinary things that are missed the most.

It is the banging of the screen door as our loved ones enter or leave the house that we miss. It is the sound of the kettle boiling as they brew their tea. It is the sticky hand prints left everywhere, no matter how often we clean the house.

Yes, it is the ordinary we miss, the ordinary that brings us the rhythms of our day-to-day lives, the predictable behaviors, enduring and irritating alike. It is the loved ones who drive us crazy telling the same story again and again. It is in the ordinary in which we live our lives that peace resides.

As Mary rocked the newborn Christ child, it wasn’t magical, although now we understand it that way. It was ordinary: a babe in arms, stable animals around, animals appearing as friends.

Some people knew it was sacred. At least, the wise ones did and offered gifts. As our elders do, they said, “Remember these times. Mark these days. For they are filled with gifts that will sustain you, this day and in the days to come.”

These memories, these ordinary days, they form our lives. These days have what we need. They bring gifts.

Fold the sweater as you take it from the dryer with care.

Answer the phone from your relative with love and presence.

Open your eyes each morning and say, “Thank you.”

Walk through your days in astonished gratitude.

No need to be loud. Shouting can scare peace away.

Take notice though, and make a mental note. Emblazon the memories and feelings on your hearts so that you can call on them time and again. For they will always be there when you need them. The feeling of peace will return in the form of a story or memory you have revisited thousands of times.

Love and peace never die. They are with us always.

And the peace of the ordinary will always come through when we’re open to it.

So may it be this day and every day throughout the year to come.

Amen and blessed be.

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