September 17, 2017

Sunday, September 17 at 10:30am – The Congregation’s “Journey of Faith” - Rev. Susan Milnor. A famous painting by Gauguin asks three questions fundamental to human existence and, on a more local level, to a congregation: “Where Did We Come From? Who Are We? Where Are We Going?”  We spent time in the first year of the interim looking at variations on these questions, but now that the time has come to identify and call a new minister, what greater insight do we need, especially from a spiritual perspective? Most importantly, how do we understand our own faith community in light of the larger world, and how do mythologies inform our understanding? This service leads into Ministerial Search Committee’s forums with the congregation regarding a new settled minister.

Please note that beginning September 17, we will begin our new practice of the entire community worshipping together for the first fifteen minutes before our children and youth leave for Young Church classes and activities. This will happen every Sunday except the Sundays that are multigenerational services, when everyone stays in the sanctuary for the entire service.