"Show the Love" post-election responses and resources

From the UUA: In the wake of this fall's election, our communities need Unitarian Universalist values more than ever. So many congregations have seen new visitors these past few weeks, and UUA.org website traffic is up too! The UUA is committed to helping you "show the love" through outreach, partnership and welcoming in your congregation. Now through Inauguration Day (January 20) and beyond, join us in a Show the Love response to answer the call to justice, compassion, resistance and healing in our communities. Add your congregations' vigils, demonstrations, projects, and events to the Show the Love map. Together, we see how strong and wide our love can be. Check out the Show the Love resource page for regular updates to help you plan your congregation's response. We'll include all the different posts, projects, videos and stories that UUA offices and partners are providing post-election.