Social Justice

The Alternatives to Violence Project is a national organization that teaches conflict resolution to reduce violence and crime. Much of AVP’s work is with incarcerated people, and FRS works with local prisons. Attend a workshop for your own personal growth, or become a facilitator.

The Anti-racism Initiative recognizes the need for individual development, awareness and education about systemic racism and how to become anti-racist. The initiative is organized into three sub-groups: Within (Individual), Among (Congregational focus) and Beyond (Community focus) to develop ways to combat racism.

The Climate Action Project wants to make a difference in the climate crisis. CAP works with other groups in Greater Newburyport to raise awareness of climate change and move us toward solutions.

Community Human Services directs and manages a wide range of programs for local people that are struggling and in need of assistance. This group also manages the monthly Collection for Cause” for selected charities and distributes Swasey Fund contributions to qualified recipients.

JAM (Justice Action Ministry) promotes community awareness and actions on social justice issues by planning and presenting monthly First Wednesday discussions. In the 2018 church year, JAM sponsored programs including:
     Habitat for Humanity’s new facility in Salisbury
     Alternatives to Violence
     Racial Justice awareness
     Election ballot initiatives
     Ending gun violence
We collaborate with other social justice task forces within the FRS community as well as with other area groups such as Pennies for Poverty, the MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, and area religious organizations. All are welcome to participate.

Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence is a statewide organization made up of faith communities and nonprofits. FRS is a member of this coalition, which works on education, advocacy, and legislation.

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