Social Justice Ministries

Alternatives to Violence Project

The Alternatives to Violence Project is a national organization that teaches conflict resolution to reduce violence and crime. Much of AVP’s work is with incarcerated people, and FRS works with local prisons. Attend a workshop for your own personal growth, or become a facilitator.

Anti-Racism Initiative

The Anti-Racism Initiative social justice team recognizes the importance of education, individual reflection, and action to address the ways in which systemic racism impacts the lives and the experiences of all persons, regardless of race, color or ethnicity. The team is exploring the UUA’s proposed 8th Principle, which covenants to promote “journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse, multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”

Green Team (formerly CAP)

The Green Team (previously known as the Climate Action Project or CAP)

Vision:     Earth, well cared for, providing a sustainable climate and environment for all life.

Mission:   To apply our energy, activism and optimism to engage the congregation and the wider community to learn and work together toward      a healthy future for life on earth, by addressing climate change, declining biodiversity, overconsumption, and other environmental challenges.

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Community Outreach Group

Community Outreach Group directs and manages a wide range of programs for local people that are struggling and in need of assistance. This group also manages the monthly “Sunday Shared Collection” for selected charities and the Swasey Children’s Fund, which provides funds to cover requests from families with children who meet the requirements of the Swasey Trust.

For more information on the Swasey Children’s Fund click here.

To access the Swasey Children’s Fund application click here.

Sunday Shared Collection for 2022-2023

  • September: Jeanne Geiger Center
  • October: Greater Newbury Elder Pet Fund
  • November: Essex County Habitat for Humanity
  • December: Fuel Assistance
  • January: Community Service Camperships
  • February: MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence
  • March: UTEC
  • April: Merrimack Valley Black and Brown Voices
  • May: Emmaus
  • June: LGBT Asylum Task Force

July/August: Community Action

Indigenous Peoples Initiative

The Indigenous Peoples Initiative at FRS is focused on building community connections with local indigenous leaders to support education and advocacy initiatives focused on Indigenous Peoples.

Reproductive Rights

Reproductive Rights supports education and advocacy that enable sexual reproductive freedom.

Habitat for Humanity

FRS Habitat is a team of volunteers building homes for qualifying families affiliated with Habitat for Humanity.

Build dates are on the 3rd Saturday of every month, including winter months unless weather is really extreme. In the winter, the work is indoors as much as possible.

The FRS team joins these Habitat families and other volunteer groups at Habitat’s building site at 22 Old County Road, Salisbury.

No specialized skills are needed.  A typical workday starts at 8:30 and wraps up around 4:00. A volunteer Habitat coach and site manager will match you with a task you can enjoy and accomplish.

For more information contact FRS member Howard Mandeville, 608-215-0952 and

Our FRS Habitat initiative is an example of FRS’s strong, outward-looking community.


Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence
Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence is a statewide organization made up of faith communities and nonprofits. FRS is a member of this coalition, which works on education, advocacy, and legislation.

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