Take action against mass incarceration

The EMIT Incarceration Team through UU Mass Action will provide you with the latest information on legislation in Massachusetts to improve prison conditions and rehabilitation programs. An FRS team is assembling information on all the volunteer opportunities within prison programs and post-prison programs. To sign up to receive emails from our group, email sandrathaxter@gmail.com
What’s happening...
  1. Further meetings with James Kelcourse to support legislation to reduce mass incarceration and repair its consequences. Please contact Sandra Thaxter, sandrathaxter@gmail.com
  2. Putting together a resource list of volunteer opportunities (Kathy Desilets, kathydesi@gmail.com, and Marguerite Flanagan)
  3. Working with Clarence Blevins, our speaker on January 4, to look at what community resources are needed and available for recently released men and women who come through our local probation office. 
  4. Do you want to visit our local prison? A tour is schedule for January 31st of the Essex County House of Correction in Middleton. To sign up, contact Susan Tordella, susan.emit@gmail.com.