Take an envelope to support the youth trip

Thank you to those who have given so generously to our B’Link envelope fund drive. Many envelopes remain and are waiting to be filled. Look for the board in the vestibule or Parish Hall, take an envelope, and return it with the designated number of dollars to the basket (or give to Julie Parker Amery). And don’t forget—each envelope contains an inspirational quote or immigration fact and one contains a $100 Newburyport gift card, Choose wisely!

B’Link (short for BorderLinks) is the group of ten high school youth who have been preparing all year to go on an immigration justice trip to Tucson and Mexico in June. They are raising $9,000 to make the trip accessible to all. Thank you to those who have already given so generously: Mike Dorsey and Janet Sutherland, Nancy Peace, Peter Francese, Becky Dill and Ken Okaya, Bettina and David Turner, Marise Fraser, Nancy and Paul Crochiere, Peter and Kelly McNamee, Lisa Johnson, the Dewey family, Jan and Bob Tyler-Nelson, the Donahue family, the Lyons-McLin family, Pat Bashford, and Lindsay Cavanaugh.