Teaching in Young Church

Teacher and kids with a bag of water in the classroom

The adults who volunteer in our classes or small groups on Sunday mornings are more like leaders or guides who present ideas and facilitate related discussion or activities. They are called upon to explore values and concepts with our children and youth. They are not expected to be all-knowing.

Teaching in Young Church has been a rewarding experience for many people at the First Religious Society. Many parents who teach feel much more connected to their children’s religious education than they would otherwise. These parents can continue to engage their children in particular topics during the week because they know exactly what’s been talked about on Sunday mornings.

We realize that teaching is not for everybody, however. If you are a Young Church parent and you simply cannot teach, there are many other volunteer options available. Because we are a cooperative program, and because we believe strongly that a parent’s involvement enhances a child’s own experience, we do require all parents to volunteer in some capacity. Please speak with our Director of Religious Education for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teaching