Thank you for your generosity to B'Link

Thank you to all the very generous donors who have participated in the B’Link (youth immigration justice trip) envelope fund drive. Our most recent donors include: Anne Donaldson and Terry Karnan, Tim Fountain and Sarah Spalding, Anne Mulvey, Annie and Lark Madden, Bill and Vicki Lincoln, Merryl Maleska-Wilbur and Nathan Wilbur, Kathy Desilets, Atticus Lawler, the Lawler family, Niki Rosen, Gail and Judith Fayre, Ray Wilson, Tom Stites and Alex Mezey, Walter and Ann Power, Howard and Dorothy Fairweather, Barbara Garnis, Sharon Broll, and Art Henshaw and Yvonne McQuilkin. Thank you and congratulations to Hugh Martinez and Linda Harding, who chose the lucky envelope with the $100 prize! They have very generously donated it back to the B’Link group.