"Thank You! Newburyport"service project

Wheelbarrow by User Sannse on en.wikipediaSign up for the service project we're doing to "Thank You! Newburyport" for the City's support of our steeple restoration. On Saturday, May 20 (8:30-noon), FRS members will be cleaning up Woodman Park, on the West Newbury side of Newburyport. Woodman has been a "neglected" park tucked in a corner of the city that is not seen that often but is a wonderful spot in the woods. Here are our tasks:

  • Sticks need picking up into piles.
  • Leaves need raking and bagging and blowing.
  • Wood chips need to be spread in the playground areas.
  • Some trash pickup, etc.

Someone for the City will be there with tools and directions. Please bring yard tools such as rakes, trash barrels, and wheelbarrows. According to Parks caretaker Mike Hennessey, "This park could really use a boost from a large blitz like this with as many people as possible." Sign up now with Jeff Bard, jeffbard@hotmail.com.