Church… it’s not just for Sundays anymore.

Tonight, we will be holding the first Wednesday Night Church, 6-8pm, for some midweek sustenance. Enter through the Vestibule and make your way with your delish potluck dish to the Lower Meeting House Public room. We will begin with a potluck dinner, followed by a brief time for worship, programming and a closing circle. This is meant to be truly multi-generational, with at least one of the programs each month appealing to all ages. We’ll also offer childcare in the playroom for the very young, as well as a homework room for those who need to attend to schoolwork. Tonight’s programming will include:


A hymn sing. After our potluck, we will gather in the Sanctuary to explore our individual and community UU beliefs through the lens of our two hymnals. Everyone will be encouraged to share congregational songs that are especially meaningful or reflect important church beliefs and values, from which Barbara Owen and Justin Murphy-Mancini will craft a deep and meaningful musical journey.


Chalice making. Sharon Broll will lead us in creating beautiful terra cotta chalices. Take one home, and/or make one for use in our community!


If you’d like playroom care for your little one (ages 1-4 years), please RSVP by emailing Sharon Broll.


Wednesday Night Church will take place on the third Wednesday of each month. Mark your calendars for November’s Wednesday Night Church on November 20.

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