What is B'link?

Hello, I am Liam Amery, one of the many youth in the “B’link”* group going to Tuscon, Arizona next summer. We are going on a justice learning trip to learn about a very pressing issue in our country today, Immigration. After the amazing experience I had on the last service trip to Pine Ridge, I immediately signed up to go on this trip. I believe immigration is something I already have a strong stance on, but I believe it is so important to go on this trip in order to learn more and experience the hardships so many immigrants go through. Throughout the year our group will be bonding and planning our trip in the spring, which would not be possible without such a supporting and amazing congregation. Thank you, and keep your eyes out for all of the “B’link” groups exciting news.

Please save the date for a major B’link fundraiser: a trivia night at City Hall on Saturday, January 21, from 7-9pm! More details to come!

*B’link is short for “Borderlink”