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Note: Due to COVID-19, Sunday services are being held online  – our buildings remain closed.  See the home page for details.  A coffee hour on Zoom follows the service.

Join us for services at 10:30am on Sundays, from the Sunday after Labor Day through Father’s Day. Experience elements of the world religions, including our Christian roots and humanism. Find inspiration in choral and instrumental music (including organ), congregational singing, a time for children, readings, an offering, and meditative silence. Hear a sermon on social justice, spirituality, dealing with life’s challenges, or other issues. The children’s choirs may sing. We may celebrate a holiday, act out a skit, hold a coming-of-age ceremony, or hear a member’s Journeys of Faith. Services end around 11:30am and are usually followed by Coffee Hour. 

For a relaxed service with music from the jazz tradition, come to a Jazz Vespers. Our Christmas Eve service and Christmas Candlelight service are community traditions.


Watch some recent sermons from Reverend Rebecca:


Joyous Attention

  Reflection by Reverend Rebecca Bryan ​ Do you believe in God? I don’t believe. I know. ... read more

Turn, Turn, Turn

  Sermon by Reverend Rebecca Bryan ​ “We’re returning! Isn’t it great!?” People everywhere read more


  Reflection by Reverend Rebecca Bryan ​ An analysis published in the journal Proceedings ... read more


  Sermon by Reverend Rebecca Bryan ​ My toe just went over the finish line as I heard my ... read more

You’re on Mute

  Easter Homily by Reverend Rebecca Bryan ​ “Oh, Reverend Rebecca, you’re on mute.” ... read more

Chapel by the Sea

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan ​ I was participating in a mission-vision workshop for church ... read more

Quiet Down

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan ​ When someone you haven’t seen in ten years  appears at the ... read more

To Pledge

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan ​ My best year in college was one when I had fewer choices, ... read more

Turn and Love

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan ​ “You’re going to be preaching on nonviolence. Do you know ... read more

To Be Forgiven

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan “How free do you want to be?” is a common phrase used by those read more

The Work of Lifetimes

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan Part One: The Work of Lifetimes “Whose pain is it?” I was ... read more

Making Room for 2021

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan 2020! Oh, what a year it has been. I’m so ready for it to be ... read more

A Veteran’s Message Home

  By Lynn Kettleson Thank you. It’s a privilege to be here today in a service honoring my ... read more

The Perils of First Glances and Certainty

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan The thought came to me seemingly without provocation: “The ... read more

Self-forgiveness as a Pathway to Belonging

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan We speak often of being a welcoming congregation, open and ... read more


  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan I met Stephen Pevar in 2001 when I began working as the ... read more

Love Is the Doctrine of This Church

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan   Did you ever wish you were given a rule book to life? ... read more

A Flower Inside Us All

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan   It appeared seemingly out of nowhere. We were hiking in read more


  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan It took me five months, almost to the day, to realize that ... read more

A Walk to Remember

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan Our reading this morning included the opening words of John ... read more

A Wish for You

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan We’ve had to make some critical, potentially life-changing ... read more

Our Spiritual Home

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan What does it mean to be a church? Some would say a church is a read more


  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan   I come from a family of musicians as well as writers, ... read more

The Other Pandemics

  Earth Day Remarks  By Brent Mitchell    The Other Pandemics  I did not want to give this read more

Suffering Explored 

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan “Go ahead. Let it out, honey. I am not afraid of your pain.”  ... read more

“Together We Rise” – Easter Reflection 2020

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan We are not going to survive this, this time, on our own ... read more

Seeking Not Running

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan Thank you, Diane, for your beautiful and moving Journey of ... read more

In Each Other’s Hands

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan Thank you, Alex.   My remarks this morning are entitled “In ... read more

“Values, Mission and Ends. Oh My!” 

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan Thank you, Julie, and thank all of you who participated in ... read more

How Will I Know: The Art of Discernment 

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan The text message came through as I walked out the door of our ... read more

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