This Aging Well in Community event has been canceled at this time.

Wednesday, March 18, Aging Well in Community Features TED Talk on Second Half of Life. Lower Meeting House, 2-4pm. Join us for a thought-provoking TED Talk and discussion on the second half of life. People today live on average 34 years longer than our great grandparents, adding an entire second adult life stage to our life span. By age 60, we’ve completed first half of life responsibilities, which kept us focused on education, raising a family, and work/career.  The second half gives us a chance to slow down, turn inward, find new purpose and grow more whole.

These new concepts are changing the shape of aging, from “geezer” or “golden oldie” to what some call the “Modern Elder”. With few guideposts for these added years, we are its pioneers. The Aging Well in Community program provides an opportunity to share and learn from each other as we navigate the challenges of this new life stage, as well as challenging the assumptions about what is means to grow old today. Contact Alex Mezey, Annalee Johnson or Linda Harding.

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