Ministry Teams

teams that make our congregation work

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The Communications Team works to improve all aspects of communication in the church. It meets about every other month on a Saturday morning. Our members have experience in marketing, journalism, web design, demographics, and software engineering. We are especially seeking photographers and social media adepts. We develop ideas, solve problems, and work on projects in small groups.

The Finance Committee oversees the budget, the stewardship campaign, and planned giving.

The Governance Committee is appointed by the Parish Board to oversee bylaws, nominations, and leadership development.

The Hospitality Committee coordinates our fellowship—and eating!—activities. Coffee Hour happens every Sunday after the service in the Parish Hall. The Mid-Winter Party boosts our spirits with a potluck and BYOB at the home of a member. The May Breakfast is a fundraiser to which we invite the whole community.

The Human Resources Committee is appointed by the Parish Board to advise on issues concerning staff and volunteers.

Our Parish Board is elected by the congregation to advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and sustainability of FRS. Observers are welcome at its monthly meetings.

Parish Friends help church members with meals, rides, visits, and even dog walking. Parish Friends always need more volunteers, especially for meals and rides. You’ll get an email when we know about a need, and you can respond as you are able.

The Program Council coordinates the programs and activities within the church community. Its purpose is to promote communication, collaboration, and celebration among church programs and groups, the Parish Board, and the congregational community to better serve the church’s vision and mission. The Program Council consists of representatives of currently active programs and groups.

 The Trustees of the Endowment are elected by the congregation to oversee the church’s endowment funds.

The Used Book Sale is an annual fundraiser for FRS, taking place during Newburyport’s mid-summer Yankee Homecoming. You can help by selling, moving boxes, and donating items. We sell hardcover and paperback books in decent condition, including children’s books, specialty magazines, sheet music, and various media.

The Worship Committee handles responsibilities related to the weekly worship service: assigning chalice lighters, inviting guest speakers and working with them to prepare the Sunday service, and soliciting recommendations for enhancing the service experience.

FRS Addictions Support Team

The Addictions Support Team serves the congregation by assisting anyone seeking help to find the recovery resources they need. If you are in recovery from addiction to any substance or behavior and want to be a part of the team please contact one of the members below.

Contact: Rob Burnham,, 603-501-9549

Evelyn Piccozi,, (603) 793-8454

Pastoral Care Associates

The Pastoral Care Associates are a group of FRS members trained and supervised by Rev. Rebecca to provide pastoral care to fellow congregants. Some of the care they provide includes visits to those who are ill at home or in the hospital, support for those going through transition or crisis, maintaining contact with those unable to attend church, supporting caregivers, and providing a caring and listening presence for the bereaved. Pastoral Care Associates work in collaboration with Parish Friends, expanding our loving care of this community. If you’d like to meet with or hear from a Pastoral Care Associate, please contact Rev. Rebecca (link or Julie Parker Amery (link email:, or reach out directly to one whom you may know. Pastoral Care Associates are: Judy Fayre, Barbara Garnis, Betsy Hazen, Tom Himmel, Helen Murgida, Susan Ricker, Bettina Turner.


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