Program Council Meets

The Program Council had its first meeting of the 2017-18 church year on Tuesday, September 26, 2017. The Program Council was created to replace the old Leadership Council as a way to foster communication and collaboration among the many groups working in the church. 

In the meeting we discussed the coming year and began the process of scheduling events. We were given a chance to explore the new FRS Connect space for interchurch communication and went over how to get the word out about events, especially now that we no longer have announcements during the service. We were given suggestions on how and when to contact Nicole when we need to schedule space in the church or need flyers or other materials for our activities. 
Unfortunately, many groups were not represented in our initial meeting and event scheduling and efforts to find areas of collaboration were not completed. For groups that did not attend the meeting, please make sure your events scheduled for the year are written up and dropped off with Diane, or emailed to Annie Maurer at to be included in the Program calendar. This includes off site events, collections and drives, rehearsals, repeating events, and special events. Please include your group’s meeting time as well if you have a scheduled time (e.g., 1st Tuesday of the month, 5:00-6:00).
We will meet again on December 5, 2017 where we will be hearing from the various groups about what they are planning and where they may need support, discuss where we can work together to strengthen our community during this time of transition, explore more effective ways to seek out and retain new members for our committees, and begin thinking about church wide efforts and themes. Everyone is welcome whether working in a group or not. Committees are asked to appoint an “ambassador” from their group to attend the meeting.