An art installation by Bettina Gellinek Turner

“Dangerous Passage” is an art installation of four different pieces that are meant to be viewed and contemplated together. It is very fitting that the gallery itself is located in a passageway.

Does art like this belong in our church? I believe it does. I cannot look away from what is difficult or dark, and I sometimes struggle to maintain hope. This finds expression in my current art-making. The German playwright Bertolt Brecht said: “And in the dark times, will there also be singing? Yes, there will be singing, about the dark times.”

The pieces are titled:
“She escaped with her life”
“Sheltered” ( Previously exhibited in Maudslay State Park, Fall 2019)
“Ghost Mother”
“The Cabinet of Limited Resources”

I see this exhibit as visual poetry, inviting multiple interpretations. If you wish to share what you see or experience, I would love to hear about it! – Bettina Turner

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